Rhonda Carlson, MD

About Dr. Carlson

About Dr. Carlson

Born and raised in northern California, Dr. Carlson graduated magna cum laude from Chico State with degrees in chemistry and psychology.  After graduating with High Honors from Loma Linda University School of Medicine, she completed her training to become a rural family physician at U.C. Davis-Merced Family Medicine Residency Program.

"I chose to be a family physician because I enjoyed every specialty rotation in medical school. How could I pick just one? Family Medicine allows me to connect with each patient as a unique individual and to help them to the best of my ability.  I've always had an independent streak, like to think outside of the box, and suffer from an unfiltered sense of humor because life really is too short not to laugh!"  ~  Dr. Carlson

Jon and Dr. Carlson have enjoyed over 30 years of 'wedded bliss' and raised three great kids.  She and Jon work well together.  Her job is "doctor" and his job is "pretty much everything else".  They enjoy providing high-quality, personalized health care in a friendly, caring environment.